Trend Research / Concept Development

Together with Lola Fick, I developed a concept for ‘de Wereld van Smaak’, a part of the Markethall in Rotterdam.

To develop the best concept possible, multiple analysis have been conducted. The company itself has been researched: ‘de Wereld van Smaak’ (WvS), but also the Markethall. This was before the Markethall even opened, in 2014. To get a clear view on the company and its surroundings, there has been researched which competitors can be a threath or an ally. This was also meant to find out in what way WvS can position itself differently.

The base of the concept development was trend research, which was one of my main contributions to this report. Trend research has been conducted to make sure WvS knows how to anticipate to future developments and changes. Besides that, the foodbranche has been analyzed, which is to be found in an infographic.

There’s been chosen to focus on two target groups: foodies and kids. Lola an I spoke to these groups and used their input while designing a concept. In the end, three concept statements were formed. One for foodies, one for kids and one for both. This was the start of the concept developing proces. Multiple concepts were designed, to show ‘de Wereld van Smaak’ that there are many possibilities to make the space into a great experience.