Marketing / Advertising / Problem Solving


During my semester abroad I studied Media and Knowledge Studies at the University of Malta. Among other course, I took the course Advertising. My final piece for this course was an Intergrated Marketing and Communications Plan for Tesco.

Unfortunately, Tesco had been dealing with a big loss of market share and a huge accounting scandal. Tesco has build itself into the biggest retailer in the UK and the second biggest one in the world, but is losing ground to for example Lidl and Aldi. I decided it was time for big changes: an innotive approach, a new target group and a different brand image.

This report is something I am particulary proud of, as I managed to integrate the methods and information I have learned at International Lifestyle Studies in the somewhat ‘old-fashioned’ schooling system in Malta. It was highly appreciated by the professors.

Target Group / Research / Culture


As a part of the course Youth Cultures, I studied about Subcultures and what they mean to society. As my final piece I conducted a critical exploration of ‘hipsters’. The main focus was to decide whether the group is a subculture, or just a bunch of people going through a fase.

Therefore I researched the origin of hipsters, did an analysis on the members of the group, found out what the purpose of hipsters is, what their relationships with mainstream culture, gender and globalism is, and lastly I looked for the corresponding facts between the subcultural theory and hipsters. Hipsters are a tough group to grasp and understand, as no one wants to be named a hipster, and they fear the mainstream. Unfortunately, being hipster has become more mainstream, so they end up being in a downward spiral. It’s very interesting.

This exploration has thought me to look differently at target groups and not see segmentation as obvious, but to really go in depth and try to see the true meaning of why they act the way they do.