Concept Development / Scenario Planning / Target Group Research / Trend Research / Design

During my study International Lifestyle Studies I have had the opportunity to work on different group projects. On this page you can find some examples of that work.

For the company Van Hoeckel I have made an scenarioplanning of the future of healthcare. It was focused on the future in 25 years, which is hard to predict. Four future scenario’s have been predicted, based on uncertainties of the moment and how these uncertainties can change the future. Because of this, Van Hoeckel is aware of possible futures and knows how to anticipate if the time comes.

XALA has asked us students to help them develop a concept that merges all their different products into one. On the other hand, we were asked to improve the Biosphere. We have come up with a concept to change the image of the Biosphere from a gardening product into a product to be used in the kitchen. This also matched better with the rest of XALA’s products.

My study, International Lifestyle Studies, prepares a trendtour every year at the Dutch Design Week. In 2013 I have had the opportunity to design the stand and trendtour. We decided to design three different trendtours to make sure every visitor would be satisfied and got what they wanted.